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Woodland Garden, Finchley, London

When the family first moved into this North London home, the property had become neglected, and both the front and rear gardens overgrown.


The owner's main priority was to renovate the house, which left little budget for the outside space. Keen to make a start, however, a long term strategy to tackle the garden over a period of time was proposed.


To begin with, a site survey was conducted which documented over twenty mature Lawson's cypress trees along with ornamental laburnum and crab apple.


As the trees provided welcome privacy from the houses to the rear, rather than remove them, the services of a tree surgeon were contracted to raise the canopy and to clear any overgrown, unwanted plants.


Fencing was replaced, the lawn and beds shaped and initially planting undertaken. The project is ongoing.

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44 Village Road, Finchley, London N3 1TJ

Telephone: 07768 096 323

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