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Garden Consultation

Do you need some creative ideas or advice on how to improve your outdoor space but don’t have the budget or need for a full garden design makeover? I can help you solve any garden issues with imaginative ideas on design, layout and plant selection.


Plants and Planting

Perhaps your garden has become overgrown and you just need practical advice on what to remove or what can be cut back? Do you want to extend the season of interest so that there is something to look at all year round? Maybe you just need some ideas on how to plant up a shady, damp, or neglected area; or an exposed area in full sun? Whatever the problem, I can help you select the best plants for any given location. 


Garden Layout

If functionality is an issue, I can offer advice on how best to arrange your outdoor space. Maybe you need thoughts on the best place for a patio, seating area or even a shed? How do you arrange your garden to suit everyone's needs? You may want a children’s play area, a place to grow vegetables or simply a peaceful place to sit; or perhaps all three. For any given problem there’s a creative solution.


How I Can Help

In the first instance, I will visit you in your home to look at your garden, take photographs and discuss your needs. Following on from our meeting, I will produce an illustrated report with helpful ideas and practical solutions on how best to arrange your space, as well as planting advice so that you can make the most of your garden all year round.

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Contact Me

44 Village Road, Finchley, London N3 1TJ

Telephone: 07768 096 323

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